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Website last updated: 6/30/2015

Summer Schedule: After a fun-filled week at summer camp we are moving into our summer schedule. There will be a few service projects but the next troop meeting is scheduled for August 11th. This is a great time for the scouts to work on some merit badges and have some family fun.

Congratulations to the new Pedro Patrol: Tyler H. is our new Senior Patrol Leader, Nathan G. and Greg B. are our Assistant Patrol Leaders, Gordon W. is the Troop Guide and Logan D. is the Quarter Master. Congratulations to all of your, we look forward to a fun and exciting time under your leadership.

5th year Pipestone: Congratulations to the 5th year pipestone recipients Tyler H, Gordon W, Liam S, Patrick B, Braven M, Ethan B, Kummel Hammel, Tim Kalmar, Paul Smith..

Event Photos: Thanks to Mr. Baker, Mrs. Webster and Mrs. Oleson, we have posted many more photos from our 2014 and 2015 events, including summer camp. Be sure to check these out!

Upcoming Deadlines:


  Homesickness: This is a fantastic article from a past Scouting magazine issue pertaining to dealing with homesickness. It gives a lot of good advice for leaders and parents pertaining to how we should deal with it. Please pay specific attention to the section titled 'Set up a no-call policy'. We have had to deal with this issue frequently. This is a reason we do not allow cell phones to be seen at campouts. While we can't control use inside a tent, we hope parents will understand, support, and reinforce our position to your sons. Not a Happy Camper

  5/14/2015: Site Updates! Please look around; all links should be working properly and dated information has been updated. If you should find something isn't working, misspellings, typos, etc... please shoot me a note to investigate [ Jack at wetsmith AT ]. If you would like anything added, let me know that as well. I'll be making some subtle additions as time allows and enhancing information availalble. We try to balance offering helpful information but also need to protect the privacy of our families. Please realize this is a work of passion, so it takes time.

This Month's Schedule

A PDF version of each program year is available in our 'Unit Information' link on the left menu.

Event Color Key:
Troop function - All Scouts are expected to attend & adults leaders are needed to attend.
Troop adult leaders and/or junior leader function - All Scout parents are encouraged to attend, adult leaders need to attend, and / or junior leaders may need to attend.
Council/District/Sippo Lodge function - voluntary training and other Scouting activities.
Pack activities or other service hour opportunities.
Federal/Religious Holidays or other notable non-Scouting events.
School functions (JA – Jackson; NC – North Canton).
For Council's latest calendar: Buckeye Council Calendar



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