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Website last updated: 02/08/2016


 Kalahari Day Trip: Our outing to Kalahari water park in Sandusky will be on February 27th. The Permission slip is due at the February 16th Troop meeting. SCOUTS MUST HAVE PASSED THE BSA SWIM TEST TO ATTEND. Most of our scouts passed the swim test before or during summer camp last year, which will cover them for this event. New scouts or scouts that have not yet passed the BSA swim test will have to do so in order to attend this event with the troop. The details of the swim test are on the permission form, and scouts must make arrangements to have the test signed-off prior to the event.

  Last Call to Recharter! Anyone who has not made arrangements with our Committee Chair, Kathy Ruppert, to recharter will no longer be registered with the BSA by the end of this week! Troop Dues this year are $25 for the first scout in each family, and $15 for each additional scout in the family. Registration fees are $25 per scout and adult rechartering with the troop. See the Recharter Invoice for details.

Upcoming Deadlines:

 Summer Camp Early Bird The first early bird payment of $50 is due at the meeting on February 9th. Scouts who meet this deadline will receive a token of appreciation (usually a Seven Ranges hat) before camp. A full list of camp fees is on the Summer Camp page. Payments can be given to our treasurer, Jack Dennis, and questions can be directed to Mike Baker.


  Parent Coordinator: Scott Webster (scott AT

  Scoutmaster: Mike Baker (mikebaker1026 AT

  Committee Chair: Kathy Ruppert (ruppertkathleen AT

For a more comprehensive list of contacts, visit our committee page.

This Month's Schedule

A PDF version of prior program years is available in our 'Unit Information' link on the left menu.

Event Color Key:
Troop function - All Scouts are expected to attend & adults leaders are needed to attend.
Troop adult leaders and/or junior leader function - All Scout parents are encouraged to attend, adult leaders need to attend, and / or junior leaders may need to attend.
Council/District/Sippo Lodge function - voluntary training and other Scouting activities.
Pack activities or other service hour opportunities.
Federal/Religious Holidays or other notable non-Scouting events.
School functions (JA: Jackson; NC: North Canton).
For Council's latest calendar: Buckeye Council Calendar



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