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Buckeye Council #436


Boys' Life Joke of the Day

New Leaders: Greenbar training is now scheduled for March 7th from 9 to 12. Please plan to stay until 1:30p.m. to inspect the troop equipment and organize the barn and trailer.  Adult help will be needed to help inspect the equipment from noon to 1:30 pm, please let Mr. Smith know if you are available to help.

Kalahari Day Trip: On Feb 28th the troop is planning a day trip to Kalahri. The permission slip is due on February 17th. We are budgeting $20.00 for lunch and dinner (not including snacks and drinks) but please keep in mind the food at the park can be pricey so please use your judgment on how much you should send with your son for meals and snacks.

Law Merit Badge: Once again council is providing the scouts with an opportunity to see how the court system works. The Law Merit Badge day is scheduled for Friday April 3rd (Good Friday) during the day the scouts will visit different courts and will meet with some of the key people that help keep the court system running. For more information including the daily itinerary, cost, dress code, and prerequisites see the council flyer. Registration is now open on council's website all scout attending are asked to bring a donation of nonperishable food to help stock the shelves at a local food bank.

Summer Camp: The second $50.00 payment ($20.00 for adults) for the early bird discount is due March 3rd. All adults planning on attending summer camp need to check with Mr. Smith to make sure they meet the requirements for adult leaders set by council.

Dutch Oven Weekend: March 13th to 15th we will have our annual Iron Patrol Cook off. We will need three volunteers to be a celebrity judge for the Iron Patrol Cook off. If you are able to volunteer or would like more information on being a judge please see Mr. Smith. More information will be posted once plans are finalized.

Eagle projects: This post will be kept open as we have several Scouts arranging work days for their projects. If you have a need for a posting please send an email to Mr. Smith to get this updated with current information. The latest Life to Eagle Packet has been posted and should be reviewed by all Scouts once they earn the Life Rank.

 Medical Forms:  BSA National has once again revised its medical form in 2014. The form consists of 4 parts:  Parts A and B are to be completed at least annually by participants in all Scouting events. Part C is the physical exam that is required for participants in any event that exceeds 72 consecutive hours, for all high-adventure base participants, or when the nature of the activity is strenuous and demanding. Part D is required to be reviewed by all participants of a high-adventure program at one of the national high-adventure bases and shared with the examining health-care provider before completing Part C. Click here for more info.

Troop Calendar: The 2014-2015 Troop calendar is complete. Click here for a PDF version.

Upcoming Deadlines:

2015 Klondike Derby (Jan. 16-17) - Permission slip will be posted soon.


  Homesickness: This is a fantastic article from a past Scouting magazine issue pertaining to dealing with homesickness. It gives a lot of good advice for leaders and parents pertaining to how we should deal with it. Please pay specific attention to the section titled 'Set up a no-call policy'. We have had to deal with this issue frequently. This is a reason we do not allow cell phones to be seen at campouts. While we can't control use inside a tent, we hope parents will understand, support, and reinforce our position to your sons. Not a Happy Camper

  Welcome to the latest iteration of the Troop 935 website! Take a look around; if something isn't working right let us know. If you would like anything added, let us know that as well. Hopefully, all of the forms you need are readily available in one of the four headers on the left under 'Forms'. We have a few things to do here yet, including adding more to our picture pages and try a password protection area for family contact information, committee meeting minutes, Scoutmaster reports, Scout account status, summer camp payment status by Scout, and other things. For you 'old timers' out there, there are plenty of things that are missing and gaps that need filled in, so please feel free to contribute or offer missing details!


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A PDF version of each program year is available in our 'Unit Information' link on the left menu.

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Last updated: 10/22/2014


  Troop function - All Scouts are expected to attend & adults leaders are needed to attend.
  Troop adult leaders and/or junior leader function - All Scout parents are encouraged to attend, adult leaders need to attend, and junior leaders may need to attend.
  Council/District/Sippo Lodge function - voluntary training and other Scouting activities.
  Pack activities or other service hour opportunities.
  Federal/Religious Holidays or other notable non-Scouting events.
  School functions (JA – Jackson; NC – North Canton; GR – Green).
  For Council's latest calendar: Buckeye Council Calendar